Stay Grounded

Mar 25, 2020
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Stay Grounded

Are you grounded? Sure, we’re all under quarantine for Covid-19 and not going anywhere, but that isn’t the kind of grounded I’m talking about. Let’s talk about grounding your energy. Another term sometimes used for this is called earthing. We know that we each have an energy system in our body. That system should be a complete circuit. Let’s think about an electrical circuit for a minute. We know that that circuit must be closed to allow for the proper flow of that current. We also know that if that circuit is broken, say a downed power line or a wire that has been chewed on by a mouse, the connection is lost and there may have even been some chaos that ensued. Maybe the cut power line is spraying sparks everywhere. Maybe you received a shock from the toaster, or a house fire was started. Electricity will always take the path of least resistance. So, when a circuit is broken electricity always searches out the fastest/easiest way to get to the ground. Your body is very much the same way. You have a current that exists in your energy system-you can read more about that HERE, it’s a steady flow. The goal is that this circuit is complete and that you receive just as much energy as you give. When something happens that disrupts that current, it causes a break in the circuit. That leads to chaos! Sometimes it makes you feel like you just “can’t get it together” or like you’re stuck in a repetitive thought process. Other times, it causes you to have a hard time calming yourself and settling down. This causes difficulty with decision making, communication, managing finances, etc. Some of the things that can disrupt your flow would be a traumatic situation, words that hurt you or took you off guard, anything that made you angry, or any high-stress situation. These things are all a part of the human experience, our emotions are affected daily by extenuating circumstances. The goal of spiritual health would be to always be grounded so that no matter what happens, your flow remains healthy. That is a lofty goal though, and one that most of us are still reaching to attain. So how do you get grounded after something happens that disrupts your flow?!
The first step is recognizing it. Realizing that you’re not your normal self and that some of your struggles can be eased by getting grounded again. Some ways you can tell you are ungrounded is an increase in anxiety, racing thoughts, tripping or falling over your own feet, not being able to sleep, making poor financial decisions, being very short-tempered or irritable, etc. We’re all a little different so this may feel different for everyone. Once you’ve realized you need to get grounded again there are a lot of options to help you reconnect.
My favorite is always being barefoot on the ground. Whether that is your lush green lawn or the freshly tilled dirt in the garden, being barefoot is a fantastic way to reconnect. Our ancestors spent much of their time barefoot on the earth. They also sat directly on the ground and touched it daily with their hands. Think for a second, when was the last time you touched the earth? In today’s society (and the winter months up north) we can go weeks or even months without being in true contact with the earth. Our shoes insulate our energy from our feet and most of us are not sitting down on the ground routinely. I encourage you to touch a living part of nature today. A tree, the grass, the dirt/mud, the snow, something. Physically get in contact with nature. It is such a simple step, but it does change the way your energy flows. Find ways to get in contact as often as you can. Plant a garden or flowers in your yard, walk barefoot to hang the clothes on the line or read your book sitting up against a tree. Any way you can, get in touch with nature.
Another way you can ground is by focusing on your feet. As you go through your day, pay attention to how they come in contact with the earth. Do you land on the heel and then the toes evenly, or does the inside or outside hit first? Do you walk on your left foot the same way you do on your right? Can you feel the unevenness of the gravel under your feet through your shoes? Can you feel the seam in your socks, where does it land on your toes today? When you walk, do you keep your toes pointing straight forward, or are they externally or internally rotated? All of these questions help you to be aware of how your feet in contact with the ground. This focus on your feet aids your energy is connecting with the earth. This is also something you can do at any time. Walking through a busy store or on your way to a meeting at work. You can always connect with the ground underneath you.

What if you can’t touch nature and you’re driving so you can’t walk? Well then, we get to play with our breath and imagination. Most laboring Mom’s have been told to focus all of their energy to their uterus or perineum during labor and delivery. The concept is the same. We want you to breathe your energy into your feet. Truly, we want you to breathe it past your feet, all the way to the core of the earth. Why the core? Well, simply because no matter where you’re at in the world, the core is the same. It’s the center of our planet and always there. So no matter what, if you learn to connect to the core, you will be able to connect from an airplane flying over the Pacific Ocean just the same as you could standing in your own back yard. If just breathing and focusing your energy down to your feet is difficult, maybe you need a guided meditation to help you. I have recorded one that you’re welcome to try, it’s less than 5 minutes long. There are also yoga practices for grounding that are lovely.

There you have it, my three favorite ways to get grounded. There are million different techniques, I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

Stay grounded, stay healthy, and may nothing less than love and light enter your space.


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