How is your screen time serving you?

Aug 03, 2022

There are a million studies out there talking about screen time. How much is too much? When should you turn your devices off? What about that blue light business? Is it different for adults and children? I’m not going to dive into any of that. Instead of hashing out how long, when, where, and who, let’s look into what you view. When I was young, my friends and I had a CD that we called the “Depression CD.” We’d listen to it when we were having an off day, after a break-up, or just whenever we were a little low. It was 13 country songs, from the country era of slow broken-hearted ballads. Nothing upbeat. Nothing empowering. Nothing that would help turn your mood around. Instead, it was about being engulfed by that sadness, by that slow, depressive movement. We used these songs when we were feeling low because they matched our vibration (learn more about your vibration here). The energy was the same. It felt comfortable to listen to because it matched the mood we were in.  

Have you ever been in a situation when you were the only sad one while everyone else was happy? Or the other way around, everyone else is having a bad day but yours is great and it feels uncomfortable to share that? It feels uncomfortable because the vibrations don’t match. Just like the music we listened to during those hormonal years and just like the social understanding that keeps you from sharing, we strive to match the energy in our body because we prefer comfort. Comfort is great, but it is limiting. There is no change in comfort and without change, there is no growth. You’re working to become the best version of yourself that you can be. That means that we have to fight the comfort, embrace the change, and allow that growth. What does all of this have to do with the content you consume? Well, quite simply, if you listen to a “Depression CD” when you’re feeling blue, you will continue to stay blue.  

If your social media feed is full of people body shaming, mom-guilting, and people complaining about finances, kids, partners, food, or whatever other negative junk they are posting, then you are constantly consuming things that are of a low vibration. From the second your alarm goes off until you’re falling asleep scrolling, you are consuming this negativity. Not just on your phone, if you only watch shows that are about negative events (Law and Order: SVU is a good example) you are consuming content full of negativity and low vibrations. If you only listen to music that is dark and depressive, you are consuming content that keeps you low on the vibrational scale. Especially if you are empathetic! Did you know that your brain cannot distinguish between your imagination and your reality? So, if you put yourself into the shoes of each person who posts about how hard their life is, your brain believes that is your experience too. If they are sad, you are sad. If they are feeling lonely, you feel lonely. If they are grieving, you grieve too. The problem with this is that you don’t have an event to grieve. That means that you never get to move through the process, you just feel bad. And then you consume more negative content and the cycle continues.  

I’m not going to tell you how much time you should spend on your devices, but I will ask that the time you do spend is raising your vibration instead of lowering it. Clean up that news feed, find some positive TV and some upbeat music. Especially on the days that you don’t feel like it. Especially on the days you’re feeling a little blue. Especially when nothing feels right and the walls seem to be falling down around you. Embrace the discomforts and allow the media you consume to bring you up out of your slump instead of dragging you deeper into it. Allow the discomfort, allow the change, allow the growth.  


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