Which Service to Choose?

Jul 15, 2020

Every session is different. Cliché yes, but it’s the truth! I have been trained as a Reiki Master, a Master Herbalist, a Women’s Healing Arts Teacher, a Certified Angel Card Reader, and also have training in Chakra cleansing, Essential Oils, and Healing Crystals, as well as Doula training. I am an Intuitive and Nurse. You can read about my story here. In all my training and experience I have learned one thing that remains the same for every situation; whether you’re a client on my table or a patient in the ER: every human is different. Every situation is different. That means every session has to be different. When you come for your session, we use whatever modalities your body, mind, and soul need that day. Some appointments are mostly energy work, some are focused more on nutrition and supplements. Some days we use crystals and oils, some days we do not. Sometimes the focus is on current situations, sometimes it is in the past. We put our egos aside and let your soul guide us through the time we have together.  

So, what do you expect from the hour we’ve spent together if every session is different? You can expect to feel lighter, to feel more grounded, and to feel centered. You can expect to feel some intense emotions while we work together. You can expect to process and release the things that have been weighing on your heart and mind. You can expect clarity. You can expect a closer connection to God. You can expect to grow, evolve, and change. You can expect to find the person that you were meant to be: Purely You. 

Sessions are an hour long and can be completed in person or over the phone. You remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table, face-up, or if we’re over the phone, just somewhere comfortable.  

 Here’s how to choose which service to book:  

Intuitive Healing Session: This one is for everybody! Kids, teens, adults are all invited here. This session is where we work on whatever your body, mind, and soul guide us to work on. You get access to all of my training in these sessions and leave feeling like a weight has been lifted! This is for general healing and wellbeing.  

Infertility Intuitive Healing Session: These sessions are for women struggling with infertility. There is more focus on clearing the base chakras, looking at hormone balance, nutrition, and offering other insight specifically around conceiving.  

Prenatal Intuitive Healing Session: This is for any woman who is pregnant, from conception to birth. We work to keep your space healthy and make sure Baby isn’t picking up any bad vibes from the world. We work on labor fears, releasing old trauma in the area, and trusting your intuition. These things all help to prepare you and baby for the best labor experience possible! 

Angel Card Reading: These readings are done via email. When you book an angel card reading, I take your questions to the cards and they provide the answers. I love working with the cards because the cards are direct and the messages are always so spot on! These readings are great when you don’t have time for a full session or just want some support around one specific situation.  

Purely You Community: I know how hard it is to be the only one in your friend group who is choosing to better herself. Or the only one in your friend group who is into holistic healing. That is why I also created the Purely You Healing Community! This is a place for you to hang out and reach out to like-minded women so you never have to feel alone in this world again! We also do monthly guidance calls. These calls are via zoom and I answer any questions you have, offer guidance from God and the angels, and support you as you continue to journey towards your purest self.  These monthly calls are also a great way to work with me if you can't get a one-on-one session!

Comment below if you have any questions, I hope to work with you soon!  

Love and light always.  


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