Essential Oils for Stress

You’ve asked, so here it is. Some of my favorite essential oils to support us on this wild ride called life. As always, I ask that you do your own research and you never consume a supplement of any kind without making sure it is safe for YOU. Essential oils are best used as a preventative and maintenance treatment, rather than crisis management. A few things to remember before beginning to use them. 

  1. It takes about 30-50 roses to get one drop of Rose essential oil. Consider this if you plan to consume an essential oil at all, or even put it on your skin. Appropriate dilution matters in all instances, please complete research from trusted sources and be wise in how you use them.
  2. Due to the increasing popularity in recent years, there are many many companies boasting “oils.” Be mindful that you are purchasing a true essential oil and not a fragrance oil. You may also want to look at how each company produces their oils to be sure the quality and sustainability...
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