New Year's Resolutions?

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New Year's Resolutions?

We’re three months into the year now and I’m willing to bet most of you have lost the passion for your New Year’s Resolution. You set a goal on January 1, 2020, to do something different. A majority of people set resolutions around their health; to either eat better, move more, get more sleep, quit smoking, etc. These are all great resolutions and great intentions to set for the year. The reality is that change is hard and old habits don’t go down easy. You must offer yourself some grace in this process, you are human and it’s okay to miss a day at the gym. It’s okay to sleep in one morning after a particularly long week. It’s okay to eat that piece of birthday cake with your grandpa. The important part is to start again the next day.

Here’s how I see it. A resolution is like a brand new relationship with someone. You make plans to go on a date and if it goes well you arrange a second date. It’s a new relationship, you...

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