What's the Best Bang for your Buck?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I gave the first 4 years of my adult life earning that degree. Nowhere in my nursing education did I learn how to run a business! That training has all come since then through various courses, books, podcasts, and trial and error. One big concept for all business owners is to know which activities provide the best profit or return of investment. If you own a retail store, you’re likely not going to be selling winter coats when it’s 100 degrees outside. If you make jewelry, you’re likely not going to be making seashell jewelry if you live in the midwest. If you need a storefront, you’re likely not going to rent one for twice your average revenue. You don’t have to have a business degree to see the sense in this approach. 


Now, instead of revenue in your business, look at time in your life. What activities provide the best outcome for your time? Time is a resource we never get back. We never get this...

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Do you know your love language? Do you know your partners? Or your kids’? Do you know why it matters?

As humans, we communicate in many different ways. It isn’t always through our words, but through our body language, through our actions, through our giftings, and how we chose to serve the world. Dr. Gary Chapman published a book over 25 years ago called the 5 Love Languages. This book has guided many couples to a more sustained relationship. He has since published books for single people, parents, and employers.

So, what are the 5 Love Languages and why does it matter in your journey to becoming Purely You? It matters because this is another tool to learn more about yourself and your loved ones, so you can show up better for each other. It matters, because it may ease some tension in your relationships if you can recognize different ways, we each show love. It matters because how you communicate with one another makes a big impact on all other aspects of your life.


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