How do you love yourself?

Have you ever had a young child run across a room to hug you? Or maybe gifted a dandelion bouquet? Possibly you’ve received an extra wet kiss from a baby, or a half-eaten cookie as a gesture of sharing. And you have likely experienced a moment when a child just wanted your undivided attention. Sometimes these experiences are endearing. Sometimes they make you giggle internally and sometimes your very exhausted self is a little worn out by the behavior. But each of those behaviors is that child's way of loving you. Remember that each child is just a small adult. They create their communication styles early. The child who offers you a dandelion bouquet communicates their love through the language of gifts. The child who offers you wet kisses is communicating through physical touch and the one asking for your undivided attention is asking for quality time. 


This concept is likely over the head of these children, but you will grasp it easily. To recap the five love...

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Do you know your love language? Do you know your partners? Or your kids’? Do you know why it matters?

As humans, we communicate in many different ways. It isn’t always through our words, but through our body language, through our actions, through our giftings, and how we chose to serve the world. Dr. Gary Chapman published a book over 25 years ago called the 5 Love Languages. This book has guided many couples to a more sustained relationship. He has since published books for single people, parents, and employers.

So, what are the 5 Love Languages and why does it matter in your journey to becoming Purely You? It matters because this is another tool to learn more about yourself and your loved ones, so you can show up better for each other. It matters, because it may ease some tension in your relationships if you can recognize different ways, we each show love. It matters because how you communicate with one another makes a big impact on all other aspects of your life.


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