Healing Crystals

I have always loved rocks. For as long as I can remember I have been picking them up and carrying them around. As I got older, I began to realize that rocks or crystals have their own vibration. Their own energy. I love the idea that it took millions of years to form that crystal. That means it holds millions of years of wisdom. Like Grandmother Willow on Pocahontas, only MORE. Just like each cell and every emotion has a specific vibration, every type of crystal has its own vibration too. Some of them have a vibration that is useful for healing a particular ailment. I have used crystals in my sessions for years and find them to be a wonderful tool with some clients. I am almost always wearing a crystal or stone in my jewelry and have them placed all over the house-partly because I just love rocks, but also because they serve a purpose.  

There are way more crystals in the world than I could even begin to know, understand and share with you. But there are a few...

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