Drink Your Water!

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Drink Your Water!

It's no secret that our bodies need water to survive. We know that the average person could only survive for 3 days without water. That is 72 hours. We can make it about 3 weeks without food, proving that water needs to be a priority in our survival. Now, you're probably not sitting on a deserted island wondering if you'll survive until you're rescued, but I'd bet you've reached for a snack instead of a drink of water on multiple occasions. Our brains and bodies are funny that way. We tend to ignore the "thirsty signals" but almost always listen to the "hungry ones" and sometimes, if we are not mindful we end up eating when we should be grabbing some water! There are some foods with naturally occurring water in them, like pineapple, celery, and lettuce but that is no match for a good glass of water. 

Your body is roughly 65% water, every single cell inside of you needs water to function. Did you know that being well hydrated can help with your temperature control, muscle aches,...

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