Why an Alternative Therapy?

You may be wondering why someone would choose an alternative therapy as a part of their wellness regimen. There are a few different reasons people come to appreciate the ancient practices. You see, alternative therapies have withstood the transitions of time and the advancement of our world. If they hadn‘t they would have taken the path of “twilight sleep” (read more on it here) or ice-pick lobotomies. One other attraction to alternative therapies is that they often look for a real root cause to all issues. They dive into the depths of the body, mind, and soul to discover how to correct the imbalances that are creating the physical symptoms. The practices themselves are designed to take time to heal, there is no quick fix, although many people feel improvement right away. Our medical society is designed in such a way that you get 15 minutes tops with your doctor, in some cases only 7 because that physician is double booked. That has created a...

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