Happy Nurse's Day!

Happy Nurse’s Day!

Today we celebrate all those who own the title, past, present a future. 


Sometimes I get asked how I can be both a nurse and an intuitive healer. There's no easy answer; I tend to live a bit of a split life. Some days, I sit deep in my logical thinking brain, and other days, I turn my logic off and just trust my gut. Then there are days I get to do both. It’s a wild ride, but I love it anyway. 


Being a nurse in the last year has led me to spend a little more time in that place of balance. Trusting what I know and still honoring my intuition. It’s been a year where nursing and other healthcare professionals have gotten more attention, both good and bad. It’s been a year where our stress levels have climbed even higher than normal and our staffing shortages, supply shortages, and budget shortages have been intensely exposed. It’s been a challenge, to say the least. This last year was something they never taught...

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How I became Purely You

My story starts when I was a young child. For as long as I can remember I could tell what other people were feeling. I knew where their hurts were and I was aware of when they weren’t being truthful or honest whether to me or to themselves. I remember hugging someone who was upset about something and feeling their pain. I remember praying for people when I was young and my hands getting hot in my palms as I did so. I thought all of these things were normal. I thought that is just what happened to everyone. It wasn’t until my teen years when I confided in my friends about these experiences that I realized this wasn’t normal for everyone. I quickly became insecure about it all and did everything I could to pretend like I was “normal.” I totally shut down the gifts I was given and lived in my logical brain as much as possible. In nursing school, we were exposed to alternative therapies in a few of my classes. We learned about Reiki, chiropractic...

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