Know Your Cycle

Be honest, how much do you think about your feminine cycle in the three weeks you’re not bleeding? Maybe you’re on birth control that prevents a bleed so you’re not aware of it at all. Or maybe you dread the day your bleed comes because you know it will come with pain, irritability, and frustration. The female cycle is one of the coolest transitions our bodies make and if you can understand how to work with it, instead of against it, I think you’ll find a whole new perspective. Let’s start that shift today. 


You know that each month your hormones fluctuate through each of the phases and each time they change, they create different desires in you. Just like Mother Nature shows off her four seasons throughout the year, you experience similar seasons throughout the month. Let’s break it down. 


Spring/Follicular phase: In this phase, your body is preparing an egg for ovulation. The hormones responsible for this will make you...

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