What Does Burnout Look Like?

What does burnout look like? It might surprise you to know that burnout isn’t necessarily a mental breakdown. It’s not you ending up in bed, sick, because you pushed too hard for too long. Burnout isn’t even always a midlife crisis. 


Sometimes burnout looks like a short-temper and irritability. 

It might be a lack of patience or empathy. 

It might look like increased frustration with the little things. 

It might look like chronic exhaustion.

Maybe it’s a reaction that is much bigger than the problem at hand (think toddler tantrum over a red cup instead of a blue cup: small problem, big reaction). 

Sometimes it looks like putting in less than your best at work. 

Sometimes burnout is not having the desire to enjoy the things you used to enjoy, be it a hobby, a relationship, or even adults-only time with your partner. 

Burnout may also look like you running headfirst into another project because you feel this need to...

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