Are You Enabling or Empowering?

Most women are wired to be helpful. To be caregivers. To lend a hand to someone in need. Often we don’t think twice about it. Most of the time that “I will do it” behavior comes from the caregiver side of us. But sometimes, there’s a different motive. 


Sometimes, we are control freaks. We need everything done exactly this way or that, at exactly this time.

If you’ve ever had these thoughts you know exactly what I’m talking about:

“I’ll just do it myself because you’ll mess it up.”

“You are just so slow, it’ll be faster if I do it”

“I’m going to have to fix it if I let you do it, so I’ll just do it right the first time.”

“You will make such a mess, I better do it”

“The tracks on the lawn have to be perfectly straight, so I can’t let you mow.” 

This type of behavior gets us into trouble for a few different reasons. One, we often put so...

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Lift Each Other Up

I had an experience the other day that really made me think. It was a prime example of how we as women tear each other down. How instead of encouraging and embracing each other in their power, we work to prevent that in one another. Now, I’d imagine that most of us don’t do it on purpose, but it is something we need to begin to be aware of. I’ll tell you the story...

There I was having a conversation with someone about raising children. The struggles, the successes, the challenges, and all the things that come with guiding a young human in this crazy world. We have had different experiences, as she has her own biological children and no nieces/nephews and I have a bonus daughter, as well as many nieces and nephews. During our conversation, she said something to the effect of, “well you haven’t had children so you don’t really understand.” My knee-jerk reaction is to say, “yeah, you’re right” and give this person my power....

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