Protect Your Space

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Protect Your Space

Do you ever feel like the people you're around just flat out suck the life out of you? After even just a few minutes around that person, you are exhausted, worn out, and maybe even in a bad mood? 

Maybe you notice it more when you spend time around someone who is crabby, and it makes you crabby. They say misery loves company and it sure seems to pull you in.

Both of these instances are examples of people changing your vibration. They either take your power and steal your light, leaving your cup empty OR you lower your vibration to match theirs. Neither of which feels very good. It is REALLY a bummer when you were in a great mood that morning, or you want to enjoy your kid's soccer game but that Mom is just taking all the fun out of it for you. Listen, someone else's rain doesn't have to fall on your parade. Now, I know you don't go out asking for such things to happen, but they seem to anyway. So HOW ON EARTH do you prevent this?! 

First and foremost, you must...

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