Lessons in a Pandemic

Can you believe it’s been a year? A year since our world shut down and everything started to look different? 


I’m not here to talk the politics of it all, the policies, the economy, or what’s right or wrong. Let’s get a little deeper than that. By now we realize we are living amongst some very historical moments. Things that will be the stories you tell your grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Maybe you laugh a little about the toilet paper shortage, maybe you cry a little about the deaths that occurred… and maybe you admit that this last year changed you. 


You’ve realized the big picture change in the country and in our world, but have you seen the big picture change in yourself? Have you taken the time to reflect on everything that happened and how you’re different because of this time in history that we get to be a part of. 


I am blessed that the impact of Covid-19 was not as severe as it could have...

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