Living with Endo

Did you know March is endometriosis awareness month? Sure thing. This begs the question, do you know what endometriosis is?

Endometriosis is a condition where cells similar to the endometrial tissue inside of the uterus, grow on the outside the uterus. Usually, this just affects organs in the pelvic cavity, but in rare cases, it can extend beyond and into other parts of the body. These cells function just like the cells inside of the uterus, thickening, breaking down, and bleeding in sync with your cycle. Since these cells grow in places they don’t belong, there’s no way for the body to release the excess cells. The body treats them as foreign, and scar tissue is created from the body’s response. That scar tissue and adhesions can lead to quite painful experiences and side effects, such as increased cramping, pelvic pain, infertility, pain with sex, constipation, or bladder issues, heavy bleeding, and/or anemia. There is not one defined cause and there is still...

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