One Small Change to Avoid Mom-Guilt

Mom-guilt is such a strange emotion.


It is all-encompassing and sometimes feels impossible to avoid. 


Work too much- mom guilt

Work too little - mom guilt


Clean the house- mom guilt

Don't clean the house - mom guilt


Feed your kids take-out- mom guilt

Don't feed your kids take-out- mom guilt


You add in the ever-changing recommendations and research in raising children and there's a whole other myriad of guilt-inducing challenges (cry it out or don't,  vaccinate right away or delay, allow devices or don't, attachment parenting or free-range parenting, etc etc etc). 


We have these ideals and standards in our minds about what a perfect mom is and allow ourselves to feel guilty when we are less than that imaginary figure in our minds.  It's not easy mama. I hear you. And while there's so much to unpack around those standards and how you feel,  there is a slight change you can make in your home that can help you feel good...

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Spring Clean Your Products

Before you start spring cleaning, let’s talk about how “clean” your products are. You probably don’t even realize that you are exposed to so many different chemicals every day, like in the ballpark of 168 chemicals every day. And you likely don’t think about it at all as you’re getting ready for the day. But did you know the average woman uses 12 different products on her hair/body daily (some sources report more, even up to 30)? Did you know that each of those products could contain ingredients that lead to hormone disruption in the body? We’re not just talking about sex hormones that affect your cycle, but your thyroid, your sleep/wake cycles, your insulin, etc. All of these perfect processes in your body can be disrupted by the chemicals you are exposed to in your day-to-day life. At one point, I trusted that the products on the shelves were safe for me to use. They must be tested if they are available at the store, right? Not entirely....

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