Not Ready

Remember when we talked about why it is so important to grow?

And when we talked about how everyone grows at their own pace? Well, what happens if it is you who is not ready to grow? I recently had someone say to me, “I know I need to do my own work, but I’m not ready yet. So, for now, my life will stay just as it is.” How profound is that statement?! I am so proud of this person for recognizing this. For saying, “you know what, I certainly have some room for growth, but I don’t want to put the work into it so... this is my life right now.” You guys, that is just as powerful as someone who says, “I’m committed to living a different life.” You know why? Because she recognizes it and she chooses. And that is a beautiful thing!

There are wonderful seasons for growth and there are wonderful periods of rest. Watch how other natural cycles work. Your kids for example. Same size clothes for a season and then *poof* they are growing...

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