Staying Motivated

The start of a new year, a new month, a new job, a new adventure creates an energy of new goals, dreams, and motivations. Have you ever noticed how the luster and excitement of starting something new wears off and all of a sudden you’re not interested anymore? Maybe you have a pile of yarn from that new crocheting hobby you were going to take up. Maybe you have an online course you bought to learn a new skill or some self-development. Maybe you bought a membership for a gym that you used 4 times and have never been back. Not because you didn’t enjoy any of it, but because the new wore off. Don’t judge yourself for this, it happens to the best of us—92% of us according to So, what on earth are you supposed to do to stay motivated?


Step one: Stop shoulding on yourself.


So often we do things because we “should.” I should be going to the gym, so I’ll buy a membership. I should have a hobby to relax, so I’ll take up...

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What is enough?

We have all set goals for ourselves throughout our life. Some people set them every January, sometimes it is at your annual review at work, sometimes, it is before starting the next academic year, you may even set a goal for your day every morning. These things are all wonderful. It is important to have something to strive for and something to help keep you motivated. What happens when you reach that goal though? Do you set another one? Do you check it off your list, never to think of it again?

It depends on the goal you’re setting. Let’s use weight loss as an example. Many people set a weight loss goal at some time in their lives. Goal: Lose 20 pounds. So, you work at it. You decrease your caloric intake, maybe you take the stairs more often, maybe you even join a gym. And with a few changes in your life and a lot of work, you’ve lost the 20 pounds. But then what? What comes next? Do you go back to your old routines and put the weight back on? Do...

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