Purely You Blog #100

Dec 01, 2021

Let’s Celebrate! This is the 100th Purely You Blog! 

I remember in 6th grade we had to write one paragraph, at least 5 sentences, for homework every night. While I didn’t mind writing, that seemed exhausting. Here I am now choosing to write every week for the last 100 weeks! And every week for a few hundred more… Today we’ll take a beat to reflect on the most popular posts in the first 100. One dozen of them to be exact. So here we go…


Starting at the 12th most popular post


#12 Protect Your Space. This one is all about preventing people from sucking the life out of you and knowing how to protect your good mood even when you’re around a bunch of negative Nancy’s! “Listen, someone else's rain doesn't have to fall on your parade.”


#11 Hard Conversations. This chat is a reminder that we are the examples for our daughters and our daughters will have opportunities to make big changes in our world. We’ve seen so much change over the last few years, with technology, inclusion, and Covid, the world is ready for more leaders who will embrace those changes. It is up to us as parents to guide our daughters into women who are ready to take it all on. “They can’t make waves unless we show them how to have the courage to do so.” 


#10 Practice What I Preach. Here you learn all about how I am also a human being. I also struggle with things and it is very important for me to slow down and practice what I preach. Burnout can happen to anyone, especially if you start to push through those nudges that tell you it’s time to slow down and do it differently. “If I have learned anything over my years serving others it is this: If you don’t rest when you feel the need to, your body will do it for you.”


#9 Intuition versus Ego. This is for you if you’re looking for a way to decipher between the two. Sometimes it is hard to know if what we feel is a gut feeling, or our brains want it so bad that we convince ourselves it is. Learning the difference certainly takes practice, but you can do it! “Ego-guided nudges will always have an emotion attached to them. Intuitive nudges have no emotion, they just are. “


#8 Let it all go. This is some real talk on carrying the burdens of other people. This is a tough lesson to learn, but it will change your life.  “You don't need a day off (although I don't discourage a good vaca, or stay-cation once in a while), what you need is to learn how to carry the burdens that are only yours and more importantly, release the ones that are not. “


#7 You Deserve Peace. If you’re feeling a little less than worthy, this one is for you. It’s a perfect reminder of how much you deserve, just because you’re a human being. “Your deservingness does not come from what you have or haven’t done in your life. Your deservingness does not come from someone else’s opinion of you. Your deservingness does not come from your income, your social status, or your age. It does not come from the color of your hair, your education, or the car you drive. 


You deserve peace and happiness because you are a human being. Because you are a child of God. Because you are alive and breathing. It is as simple as that. You deserve it all, simply because you are here on this Earth.” 


#6 Living with Endo- Endometriosis is a disease that comes with many more questions than answers. This post is about my journey with Endo and how it is a big part of what led me into this work! “This journey has taught me so much, but the most important lesson I have learned is how important it is to have a multi-faceted approach to your wellness and how there is not one end-all-be-all to being well” 


#5 I Challenge You. This one is all about why you work with me. I don’t sugar coat things, I don’t let you get away with much, and I will certainly encourage you to be reaching for that continued growth and living a life as the best version of you.  “I will never sell you butterflies and rainbows. Instead, I’ll give you the tools you need to find your own butterflies and paint your own rainbows.”


#4 How I Became Purely You. Have you ever wondered how this nurse from Wyoming, became a Coach and a Healer in Montana? This post is my story or at least the main points of my journey along the way. “It was in that transition from only Western Medicine, to the addition of alternative and holistic therapies that I became determined to bridge the gap between the two worlds. It was time I used my gifts and help people find the true healing that I had found.”


#3 Respect and Boundaries. Oh man, boundaries are hard, but they are so necessary! This one is a great reminder of how to stand strong in your boundaries. “When someone disrespects you by what they say, how they act, or how you are treated, those are your opportunities to recreate your boundaries and let them know what you expect from their presence in your life.”


#2 What is Energy? There are many different fields and avenues for the study of energy. In the case of energy healing and how it is used to change the way you feel and how you heal is what this conversation is about. Everything is made of energy, Reiki is one form of healing that aides the energy of your body to function as it was designed to. “Those atoms vibrate at specific frequencies and that is what creates the density of each item...Foods that serve your body have higher vibrations than those that don't, for example, an organic apple would have a high frequency, where Twinkies would have a low one. Emotions work the same way. The vibration of joy, happiness, and gratitude is very high, whereas the vibrations of anger, grief, and resentment are very low.”


And the current #1 post of the last 100? 


#1 Self-Care At Home. Oh, I love some self-care! It’s not all about spa days and wine. Self-care is so much more than that. This is a great list of activities you can partake in while you’re hanging out at home!  “Self-care is less about grandiose activities and more about honoring the needs of your body,  mind, and soul.  It's about doing the things that fill your cup while you're also doing the things life asks of you.”


That’s it! The top dozen posts from the last 100. Do you have a favorite post that didn’t make this list? Or a topic you want me to speak to? Share it with me in the comments below! 


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