What example are you setting?

The other day, my sweet bonus daughter repeated something that she certainly heard from someone else (apparently “everyone” says it’s true-moms you know how that goes), this was not a thought she had on her own. We know that kids are little sponges and they take in everything from everywhere around them. When they are really young, it's usually that one time you utter a four-letter word that they cling to and you spend the next few weeks praying they don’t repeat it in public. The thing is, that doesn’t end, they continue to latch onto and repeat everything they hear. We are all so influenced by the people around us and the conversations we are surrounded by, no matter your age, but sometimes it hits a little closer to home than others. 


In this particular instance, this 8-year-old child told me she was chubby and fat because she couldn’t see her toes when she looked down. Thankfully, she didn’t seem upset about it, just simply...

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Health vs. Wellness

People use the word healthy to describe a lot of different situations. You have a healthy baby. You eat healthy food. You received a healthy bonus. You have a healthy appetite. You are trying to be healthy. You got a healthy serving of hard work today. You see, healthy is a word that is used in so many different ways, it’s meaning could be endless. The Oxford definition of healthy is “in good health” but what is good health?  

What about the pair, “health and wellness?” If being healthy is being in good health, what does wellness mean? Why are they separated? Isn’t being well the same as being healthy? According to Oxford dictionary wellness is “the state of being in good health” so, in fact, the dictionary says they are the same. Why does our society believe they are two different things then?  

Here’s my take, we see them as two different things. As Western Medicine, or allopathic medicine, is...

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