Who is on your Wellness Team?

Do you have a TEAM of people helping you to be your best self? Not just the receptionist, nurse, and doctor at your OB/GYN office, but a group of people who are working with every facet of your body, mind, and soul to help you heal, grow, and become the best version of yourself you can be? You are a multifaceted human, which means you need a multifaceted group of individuals caring for you. Think about your group of friends. Do you have a friend you call when you need to talk about parenting and a different one when you need to discuss your faith, and maybe a third one to talk about your work drama? The reason you call on different individuals for different problems is that you need their particular version of expertise to get you through that moment.  

You need a team of practitioners to get you through each ailment as well. You need a multitude of modalities in your space to keep you at your absolute best.  

Keep your primary care provider visits. Get your...

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Health vs. Wellness

People use the word healthy to describe a lot of different situations. You have a healthy baby. You eat healthy food. You received a healthy bonus. You have a healthy appetite. You are trying to be healthy. You got a healthy serving of hard work today. You see, healthy is a word that is used in so many different ways, it’s meaning could be endless. The Oxford definition of healthy is “in good health” but what is good health?  

What about the pair, “health and wellness?” If being healthy is being in good health, what does wellness mean? Why are they separated? Isn’t being well the same as being healthy? According to Oxford dictionary wellness is “the state of being in good health” so, in fact, the dictionary says they are the same. Why does our society believe they are two different things then?  

Here’s my take, we see them as two different things. As Western Medicine, or allopathic medicine, is...

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