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Every session is different. Cliché yes, but it’s the truth! I have been trained as a Reiki Master, a Master Herbalist, a Women’s Healing Arts Teacher, a Certified Angel Card Reader, and also have training in Chakra cleansing, Essential Oils, and Healing Crystals, as well as Doula training. I am an Intuitive and Nurse. You can read about my story here. In all my training and experience I have learned one thing that remains the same for every situation; whether you’re a client on my table or a patient in the ER: every human is different. Every situation is different. That means every session has to be different. When you come for your session, we use whatever modalities your body, mind, and soul need that day. Some appointments are mostly energy work, some are focused more on nutrition and supplements. Some days we use crystals and oils, some days we do not. Sometimes the focus is on current situations, sometimes it is in the past. We put...

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