5 Ways to Survive Transition

Transition is hard! Change is hard. It’s not impossible, but it is hard. My family just moved to a new home about 5 miles out of town. As I’m coming back to my roots and making adjustments to how I’ve been living for the last 10+ years (the grocery store is no longer 5 blocks away, turns out I had become a bit accustomed to that), I’m having to work hard to stay grounded and continue my practices of self-care.  It’s been beautiful, but it is a challenge. Deciding where to keep the plates, which drawer the silverware should go in, and deciding where the linen cupboard should be are just some of the struggles that come with moving into a new place. It’s a transition, and the transition is never easy, but it is so worth it. Sitting on my back porch with my dog, the cats that came with the place, and watching the sunrise as I write this make it oh so worth the challenges.


With this transition in my personal life, also comes a transition in...

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Be Present

Life sure has been crazy lately. It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race of it all! There has been a sense of urgency and fear placed on our hearts for some time now. When your heart is full of fear and panic, it is hard to see the glory in the world around you.

It is in the little things that make life big.  

Have you ever been thinking about something on your way home from work and walked into the door before you realized you don’t even remember getting there? Have you ever nodded and “mmhmm-ed” your spouse or your kids as they were talking while your thoughts were a million miles away? Has someone ever mentioned the weather to you and you realized that you aren’t even sure what it’s like out there today? These are examples of not being present. Do you see how much you could miss?!  

It is so important, especially when you are busy, to take the time to appreciate the world around you. Notice the sunrise...

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Stay Grounded

Purely You Healing
Stay Grounded

Are you grounded? Sure, we’re all under quarantine for Covid-19 and not going anywhere, but that isn’t the kind of grounded I’m talking about. Let’s talk about grounding your energy. Another term sometimes used for this is called earthing. We know that we each have an energy system in our body. That system should be a complete circuit. Let’s think about an electrical circuit for a minute. We know that that circuit must be closed to allow for the proper flow of that current. We also know that if that circuit is broken, say a downed power line or a wire that has been chewed on by a mouse, the connection is lost and there may have even been some chaos that ensued. Maybe the cut power line is spraying sparks everywhere. Maybe you received a shock from the toaster, or a house fire was started. Electricity will always take the path of least resistance. So, when a circuit is broken electricity always searches out the fastest/easiest way to get to the ground....

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