Who do you become?

Man oh man have the last few years brought out some of the best and some of the worst in people! It's amazing to see how change, pressure, and the "unknown" hit folks differently. When the shelter-in-place orders started being rolled out across the country, I saw a quote online that said: 

“The virus is enhancing what is already inside of each person. Jerks are turning into bigger jerks. Compassionate people are becoming more compassionate. You get to decide in this very difficult time who you really are. Hopefully, we all make the right decision –James Tucher.”

I love this. I love this more now than ever before. I love this because it is a perfect example of how unique each person is and how each of us is in a different place in our spiritual growth and personal development journey. Here’s the thing; your partner, your kiddo, and your best friend are all in different places. They are all experiencing each life event in their own way, and it is...

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I'm So Weird

“I’m so weird.”


I hear that from clients from time to time and it always makes me smile. Webster's definition of weird is, “of strange or extraordinary character.” 


Isn’t that interesting… strange OR extraordinary? We don’t usually use those words interchangeably, yet they are both listed in this definition. Generally, strange has more of a negative connotation in our society, and extraordinary is a positive one. And this is why I smile when people self-proclaim being weird. Because aren’t we all? 


Aren’t we all a little of both? A little mix of good and bad, strange and extraordinary, light and dark? 


Often when this comes up in conversation, it is used as a precursor to a statement that a person may feel judged for. For example, “I’m weird, I like carrots dipped in peanut butter.” Or, “Maybe, I’m weird but I’d rather shower at night instead of...

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People Are Like Plants

I recently read a post online that explained how people are like plants. No, not the idea of needing water and sunshine to thrive-although that is true too. In this case, the point was that not everyone wants to grow in the same way. There is often a lot of talk around people climbing the ladder at work, creating more financial abundance, building a bigger house, etc. More. More. More. But what does it mean if you’re happy with where you’re at? If you don’t want to climb that ladder and chase another dollar? 


For the sake of this conversation, it means that you grow differently. See, a Poplar grows fast, tall, and lean, while a Japanese Maple grows slow with a wider shape. Very different, but growth just the same. 


We are all like that too. You and I can both be growing and chasing goals, but the end result might look very different. Maybe my goal is to do some deep emotional work that no one really sees or notices, like how roots grow...

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Perfect: being entirely without fault or defect


So often in our lives, we chase "perfect." The perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect relationship, perfect car… We put a great deal of energy into being “perfect.” 


To be entirely without fault is impossible though. We were not built that way. We were not designed to live this life without failure or defect. Yes, you were created perfect in every way, but a part of what makes you perfect are your imperfections. A part of what makes you perfect is the trial and error side of life. The times when you start as a beginner, nowhere near perfect. The times when you realize you must evolve to keep up with the world around you, and in that transition, you are not perfect. The times when life gets messy and you don’t know quite what to do, you are not perfect. 


But you are learning, growing, and evolving. THAT is perfect. 


So much of our time is spent on trying to become...

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Keeping up with the Jones's

Purely You Healing
Keeping up with the Jones's

Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of all joy.” Isn’t that the truth. It’s been a problem in our society forever. Even when life was a little more slow-paced before the internet and social media. Now, we not only “have to keep up with the Jones’s” in our community, but with the “Jones’s” in your Mom’s, your best friend’s, your college roommate’s, and that Influencer on Instagram too. We have so much access to other people’s lives now, but often we forget that what we see is only just a portion of their life. I was listening to a podcast the other day and the discussion was about this exact thing. One question stuck out to me though. “Do you want to do what it takes to have her life?” If you look at the 40-year-old mom who has a six-pack and you envy her, you have to also ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work to make that happen. Are you willing to give up one...

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