Reconnect to Yourself

Did you ever get lost as a kid? Maybe got distracted in the grocery store when mom made it to the next aisle without you? Do you remember that immediate feeling of unease and maybe even panic? It was so hard to think clearly because you were LOST! It was a gut-wrenching feeling, wasn't it? 


Now, let me ask you this… have you ever thought to yourself, “I just don’t even know who I am anymore.”? While you may know and trust that you will survive this season of life, that feeling of “lost” still brings up some unease in your psyche. Consider the idea that a part of you feeling off is that you have lost yourself. Lost in the hustle, lost in your kids, your job, and your household obligations. 


A little real talk… when was the last time you did something that was just to fill your own cup? Not something to “deal with the day” or to “get away from it all” but something that genuinely made you...

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Purely You Blog #100

Let’s Celebrate! This is the 100th Purely You Blog! 

I remember in 6th grade we had to write one paragraph, at least 5 sentences, for homework every night. While I didn’t mind writing, that seemed exhausting. Here I am now choosing to write every week for the last 100 weeks! And every week for a few hundred more… Today we’ll take a beat to reflect on the most popular posts in the first 100. One dozen of them to be exact. So here we go…


Starting at the 12th most popular post


#12 Protect Your Space. This one is all about preventing people from sucking the life out of you and knowing how to protect your good mood even when you’re around a bunch of negative Nancy’s! “Listen, someone else's rain doesn't have to fall on your parade.”


#11 Hard Conversations. This chat is a reminder that we are the examples for our daughters and our daughters will have opportunities to make big changes in our world....

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You Choose

Let’s have a little real talk today. Real talk, because I am sick and tired of hearing people excuse their poor behavior or their inability to make changes in their life because of something that has happened to them or the people they were born to. 


If you’ve ever heard someone say, “I am this way because…”

Because my mom is this way. 

Because of the trauma I suffered. 

Because of where I lived. 

Because of how I was raised. 

Because of this hurt that I endured. 

Because of my last name, or my nationality, or because I am the baby in the family.

Because I am not a people person. 

Because I am shy. 

Because I am picky. 

I am this way because…


Usually, if I hear this it is not from a sense of pride. It’s not a, “My mama taught me well” type of conversation. It is an excuse for unbecoming behavior. 


I am mean to the new coworkers because I’m just not a...

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Choose Compassion

 When all of the Shelter-in-Place orders started being released across the US I saw a meme on Facebook that said

“The virus is enhancing what is already inside of each person. Jerks are turning into bigger jerks. Compassionate people are becoming more compassionate. You get to decide in this very difficult time who you really are. Hopefully, we all make the right decision –James Tucher.”

I love this. I love this more now than ever before. I love this because it is a perfect example of how unique each person is and how each of us is in a different place in our spiritual growth and personal development journey. Here’s the thing; your partner, your kiddo, your best friend-they are all in a different place. They are all experiencing this in their own way, and it is unique to them. Just like your experience is unique to you. We must always offer some grace to each other as we go through this journey called life, but especially now. As this continues,...

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