Criticism vs. Compassion

Offering someone compassion doesn't always feel as easy as criticizing them. Because it feels hard it might even feel “better” to criticize before we offer compassion. Sit with that for a second… it feels better to criticize others than it does to offer compassion. Not just others, but yourself too. It feels better to criticize yourself than to offer yourself compassion because that is easier. Like water, we do take the path of least resistance. But like water in a flood zone, that path can certainly be destructive! 


Today, I want you to check your inner dialogue. Whether it’s walking through the store or after a conversation with your co-workers or interacting with a customer. Your knee-jerk response is likely one with a negative approach. “What is she wearing?” “I cannot believe she allows her kids to do that!” “Grow up and manage your money like an adult and you wouldn’t need to put items back.”...

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Complain Your Way to Success?

I saw a quote while scrolling through social media the other day that hit me hard. 


“You cannot complain yourself into what you want”


Read it again. 


Boy oh boy is that a hard truth. How often do you do that to yourself? How often do you allow yourself to complain about the way things are going instead of working towards a different outcome?


I think a part of it is human nature. It’s the low-hanging fruit that is easy to reach. Something happens that doesn’t quite fit your ideal, so immediately we process that displeasure by complaining. We know that the energy of anger, resentment, fear, and frustration are all very low. By spending time in that low vibration, we encourage more low vibrational energy into our lives, and all of a sudden your whole day is spent complaining instead of being productive! And if you’re anything like me, that makes you feel like complaining even more! It’s a vicious cycle that...

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Perspective is key. You can choose to see the glass half-full or half-empty. You can choose to see a loss as a failure or as a lesson. You can choose to see a dream as impossible, or a challenge to be overcome. You can choose to see someone as selfish, or someone who is hurting. You can choose to see someone as addicted or someone who needs support. You can choose to see just another rock, or you can see the pride in your child’s eyes as they hand over their prized possession. You can choose to see a rundown shack, or you can see a family’s legacy. You can choose to see another stick in the yard, or your dog's favorite toy. Do you see? Everything is about perspective.  

Often we find ourselves caught in a loop of negativity, despair, and hurt. Over and over I have heard people say some version of, “2020 is not a good year.”  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a challenge in many ways, but does that make it bad?  


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