Criticism vs. Compassion

Offering someone compassion doesn't always feel as easy as criticizing them. Because it feels hard it might even feel “better” to criticize before we offer compassion. Sit with that for a second… it feels better to criticize others than it does to offer compassion. Not just others, but yourself too. It feels better to criticize yourself than to offer yourself compassion because that is easier. Like water, we do take the path of least resistance. But like water in a flood zone, that path can certainly be destructive! 


Today, I want you to check your inner dialogue. Whether it’s walking through the store or after a conversation with your co-workers or interacting with a customer. Your knee-jerk response is likely one with a negative approach. “What is she wearing?” “I cannot believe she allows her kids to do that!” “Grow up and manage your money like an adult and you wouldn’t need to put items back.”...

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You Don’t Have To Be Miserable

You don’t have to be miserable. It is so easy to get sucked into those feelings of despair, hopelessness, darkness, anxiety, and sadness. It is even easier to stay in that place. You know why? Because we often allow the thoughts that we have to keep us there. Because it is so much easier to fall than it is to get back up. Because we stay in the same pattern day in and day out.

Remember when we talked about vibration and how it affects your body? Falling into these patterns of darkness is allowing our bodies to vibrate at such a low, slow speed that we become miserable. Then it becomes a dark and twisty tunnel of negative thoughts, low-frequency foods, dark music, and TV, and before you know you have yourself convinced that your whole life is a wreck. You’re a wreck. You can’t do anything right... blah...blah...blah.

You do not have to live this way.

Again, for you in the back.


You get to decide what thoughts are on...

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Be A River

Have you walked by a pool of stagnant water that stunk? One that had a coat of green on the top? One that you prayed your kids wouldn’t play in because that smell is not going to come out of those clothes? On the same token, have you seen a clear mountain river? One where the water is fresh, crisp, and cool? Where it flows peacefully downstream and becomes a habitat for thriving life of all kinds. Your body’s energy is just like this! When it is stagnant, not flowing, and not moving, it is not appealing. On the other hand, when it does flow, it becomes clear and vibrant. A home for growth and vitality.   

So often we allow ourselves to remain stagnant. Sometimes people will say they’re in a rut. They will say they don’t feel like they know who they are anymore. Or that life is boring, there’s no spark. That they are tired of feeling tired. Same S**t Different Day. Same ol’, same ol’... there’s a million...

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